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The delivery challenge for essentials in e-commerce

Quick! You need some diapers. What will you do? A) Log on to your favourite e-commerce store B) Walk/Drive over to the nearest market or C) Call the neighbourhood guy and he home delivers in 40 minutes flat. We pick option C quite often. While the ecommerce guys focus on non-essentials like books, toys and other things that you don't need right now! A huge opportunity is waiting in daily essentials. Purchase is a must and when you need it, you just need it right now! Hyper-local! Don't under-estimate the advantage of Walmart (or Domino's) style hyper-local store coverage. What prevents folks like Big Bazaar or Reliance from creating sub-three hour delivery promises. Use their base of operations at existing stores and push contents of their cavernous warehouses into Indian homes? Modern inventory systems allow you to have information about your inventory down to the last unit (minus the float in the customers hands). Plug that into your web front end, t


This happened to us a sometime ago. WTF? This is the last time I will put anything on the cloud as primary work document. Yes, before anyone of you pops up to say "Google Cloud Connect". Yeah right. MS Excel FTW (along with drop box ;))

Contact Us or Not

Recently we were looking for a firm to handle a brand track. I listed down some prominent research firms and headed over to their websites for their local office contacts. Guess what? Several email ids bounced. Yet other phone numbers were out of order. And the board lines I finally did get through to  did not know who to transfer the call to internally. Mind you these are relatively large companies. No version control. No updates. Sigh! and we are supposed to be one of the most vibrant online spaces in the world.

The search for an Unified Online Identity

This is a post after a long while. Too busy. Too lazy. Both. Take your pick. The recent announcement of the new avatar of the messaging system at Facebook takes me back to the first post of this blog, talking about Facebook Email. Nearly three years since, Facebook did do its own take on email. Only they try to take aggregation in a larger way. I am still awaiting an invite to it, and will post more reactions when I get to see it.  But Facebook blog post has an interesting point to make. Will we be known by who we are or by a number (UID notwithstanding)? or even better, an xml file, the schema could be like the following. <?xml version="1.0"?> <xs:schema xmlns:xs="" > <xs:element name="Public identity">   <xs:complexType>     <xs:sequence>       <xs:element name="Name" type="xs:string"/>       <xs:element name="Website" type="xs:string"/>