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The search for an Unified Online Identity

This is a post after a long while. Too busy. Too lazy. Both. Take your pick. The recent announcement of the new avatar of the messaging system at Facebook takes me back to the first post of this blog, talking about Facebook Email. Nearly three years since, Facebook did do its own take on email. Only they try to take aggregation in a larger way. I am still awaiting an invite to it, and will post more reactions when I get to see it.  But Facebook blog post has an interesting point to make. Will we be known by who we are or by a number (UID notwithstanding)? or even better, an xml file, the schema could be like the following. <?xml version="1.0"?> <xs:schema xmlns:xs="" > <xs:element name="Public identity">   <xs:complexType>     <xs:sequence>       <xs:element name="Name" type="xs:string"/>       <xs:element name="Website" type="xs:string"/>