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The delivery challenge for essentials in e-commerce

Quick! You need some diapers. What will you do? A) Log on to your favourite e-commerce store B) Walk/Drive over to the nearest market or C) Call the neighbourhood guy and he home delivers in 40 minutes flat. We pick option C quite often. While the ecommerce guys focus on non-essentials like books, toys and other things that you don't need right now! A huge opportunity is waiting in daily essentials. Purchase is a must and when you need it, you just need it right now! Hyper-local! Don't under-estimate the advantage of Walmart (or Domino's) style hyper-local store coverage. What prevents folks like Big Bazaar or Reliance from creating sub-three hour delivery promises. Use their base of operations at existing stores and push contents of their cavernous warehouses into Indian homes? Modern inventory systems allow you to have information about your inventory down to the last unit (minus the float in the customers hands). Plug that into your web front end, t