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Why Net Neutrality is good propaganda...

...and that's about it. Before I start... I am a big proponent of Net Neutrality. The reasons are numerous. My favourite is the example of Telecom companies destroyed the mobile VAS business. The case for it has been made many times over and is summarised by Ankur's   piece  in the Business Standard. What is of course amusing is that one set of people who essentially profess to be capitalists are taking up what is essentially a socialist cause. That said, Samir Jain (of BCCL fame) once introduced me to the concept of " अनेकान्तवाद ", ie no single view is the complete truth and from there the ability to hold multiple conflicting points of view in one's head. Also, a person of intellect, like a lawyer, should be able to argue both sides of a case. The above, put together with the pitiable state of defence of their case by Telcos, inspired me to put a cogent alternate point of  view. With the preamble out of the way, here's my argument: Net Neutr